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Lately I have been having some breathing issues. This resulted in very uncomfortable chest pains and anxiety. The reason for these issues is that I apparently suffer from hyperventilation. I had no idea! I always thought that hyperventilating was loud uncontrollable excessive breathing and I didn’t have that. But I now learned that there are different variations. So how to get rid of it? I had to do breathing exercises to gain back control of the breathing itself.


In comes the app called: Headspace. This app has 10 minute sessions that learn you how to clear your mind, control your thoughts and your breathing. When you first start, it has the ‘Take 10 programme’. Ten days, ten minutes.


After you’ve finished the ten days you get the notice to purchase more app options which you can purchase as a monthly subscription, yearly, two years or forever. See the prices here.

I have finished the ‘Take 10 programme’ and I am in love with this app! The voice that speaks is very easy to listen to. He takes plenty of time to stay quiet so you don’t get annoyed and ten minutes are just enough to take a little moment for yourself and meditate. This app is also great for people that think they can’t meditate. It learns you how without you noticing it. You just do what he says, keep breathing, eyes closed and after ten minutes you feel calm and relaxed. I do these ten minutes every morning and it gives me such a positive feeling for the rest of the day and more importantly, my chest pains are mostly gone! After just ten days!

Happy breathing!


Images from Headspace


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