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Healthy living: Favourite smoothie & my weight story


Juicing it!

Being healthy and staying healthy seems to be a trend. Everybody is juicing their fruit, juice and salad bars are popping up everywhere and instagram is full of fitspo accounts. But the sad thing is, it shouldn’t even be a trend!

My weight story

I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. Before I hit my teen years, I was too skinny and after that I was always a little (sometimes a lot) too heavy. And still I am not at a good point in my life when it comes to being healthy. I am the first one to admit that I don’t work out enough and my eating needs to be improved. And the thing is that I don’t eat a lot, which used to frustrate me in the past. But doing more research, I learned that I need to eat six small meals a day and work out at least three times a week. It’s as simple as that! But I don’t work out every week, just once in a while when I feel like it. And I eat maybe three times a day, often skipping breakfast. So my body is not working at all.

2 years ago I decided to hop on the “fit trend” and ate six times a day and worked out three to four times a week. I lost eight kilos in a couple of months and I felt wonderful. While I was still overweight, my body felt light as a butterfly. My mood changed and I just felt fit all over. Unfortunately I somehow stopped with this lifestyle -because healthy living is a lifestyle-. I don’t even remember when or why. At this point, I gained all the kilos back and got 2 more for free on top of it. And I cannot have that! I am a person that loves curvy girls and that is also a reason why I don’t want to lose too much, but the weight has to be at a healthy amount. So today I am starting again!

People always wait for Monday to start making changes in their lives. Monday is never a good day. Just start the moment you realize that you need to change something. Don’t wait, because there will always be another reason not to do it or maybe the motivation will be gone. Sharing this on my blog will maybe give me another reason to maintain my healthy lifestyle.


To kick things off I’m sharing one of my favourite smoothies with you that I had this morning. I like to have a green juice one day and just some fruits another day. Just mix it up so I don’t get bored.


This is a real simple one, with some of the best ingredients!

* about 6 strawberries (vitamin c, antioxidant)
* 1/4 of a peeled cucumber (vitamin c & k)
* 1 banana (vitamin b)
* small amount of low-fat yoghurt or Greek yoghurt
* not in the picture, but I always add some flaxseed or chia seeds (omega-3 essential fatty acids, “good” fats)

Put all of that goodness in the blender, mix it up and voilà!


After I have my smoothie, I drink a glass of green tea. Green tea increases the metabolism and has so many other benefits. I use different ones, sometimes with lemon, but this one is just pure green tea.


I always drink my smoothie with a straw to make it more fun. And my pretty tea glass says “breakfast tea” in Dutch.

Well, let’s go on this healthy lifestyle journey together and enjoy it! Because being healthy is really fun!



One comment on “Healthy living: Favourite smoothie & my weight story

  1. thenovelist
    6 May 2015

    Smooth 🙂


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