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Beauty: Favourite soaps from The Body Shop


The scent and joy of sweet sweet soap! Hello Body Shop!

I was strolling past the stores, just minding my own business…suddenly a delicious scent pulled me in its direction. Before I knew it I was at the counter of The Body Shop. I was an immediate soapy!

One of my absolute joys is using a lovely smelling soap while taking a shower. It makes the experience much more relaxing and pleasurable. Like having a mini spa session every morning. I love it! I picked out 3 different soaps. All with their own strengths, scents and looks.


Honeymania Soap

BodyShopSoap3The Honeymania soap is shaped like a honeycomb to do its name justice. It looks very cute with a little bee in the middle. As it says on the website “It has a rich, floral scent and contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of over 1,000 wildflowers.” And let me tell you something, this scent…my goodness this scent is good. I could not stop sniffing on it. I’m already planning on getting this for a couple of people to put in their Christmas stockings!

Shea Soap


The shea soap is a great soap to use when you have dry skin. The soap contains shea butter which was made from shea nuts that were made into butter and it also contains palm oil and glycerine. This soap is deliciously milky and the scent is not too strong, but just enough to appreciate and enjoy it. I have repurchased this soap a couple of times and this will not be my last time purchasing it!

Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap


Argan oil is made from the kernels of the argan tree that can be found in Morocco. In Morocco argan is just a thing that they’ve always know. The rest of the world has just been catching up the last couple of years. Argan oil is like my holy grail when it comes to my hair products. Seeing that it works its magic for my hair, why not for the rest of my body! This specific soap however is not a normal bar of soap. It is a massage soap! What? Yes, a massage soap! How to use: “Use with warm water to massage and cleanse skin, focusing on pressure points to help relieve tension.” Massaging while cleansing while smelling great. I say yes!



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